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MLP:Evil fluttershy


Finally I have time to do commissions. :3

Fluttershy dance

Please send me email if interested~Heart 

tia . falck @ yahoo . com. (remove spaces)
Commissions are open until said otherwise. :3

Please read everything carefully before commissioning!

Bullet; Orange PAYPAL only.

Bullet; Orange Payment in EURO € ONLY. No points, sorry!

All prices have the Paypal fees included.
I can decline a commission and refund at any point, but otherwise no refund policy.
Please only commission me if you are 100% sure that you are able to afford it! NO REFUNDS. Thank you.
Please be patient, picture will take 1-3 weeks depending on how complicated the piece is.

Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Copyright:Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink 

You can NOT resell art you buy from me in any way!
No tracing, no making bases for adobtables etc.
You can use the art you buy for personal use only.
Such as reuploading to your page/other site, making into avatar etc.
Please do not remove my signature when posting image online.
Please ask if you are unsure what this means.



damphyr Sketchy Examples:

  • Looks "sketchy", you can see brush strokes, is not as polished as "full render".
MLP - Flutterflowers by Cizu Sketch Example by Cizu

damphyr Full Render Examples:

  • Fully rendered and polished piece.
Aqua by Cizu Celestia by Cizu 

♡ Image  Types:

These are base prices, full price depends on your request. c:

Always 300dp, .PNG

222222 by Cizu11111 by Cizu

Stylized Headshot / Headshot

♡Sketchy: 23€
  • complex armor/details: +3€
♡Full Render: +35€
  • complex armor/details: +6€

33333333333333 by Cizu

Half Body

♡ Sketchy: 24€

  • open wings: +4€
  • complex armor/details: +5€

♡ Full Render: +40€

  • open wings: +8€
  • complex armor/details: +5€

444444 by Cizu

Full Body

♡ Sketchy: 33€

  • open wings: +4€
  • complex armor/details: +5€

♡ Full Render: +55€

  • open wings: +8€
  • complex armor/details: +10€


♡ Backgrounds + Environment:

  • Transparent
  • 1 Color
  • 2 Color Gradient
  • Cutout transparent (cutout means that there is white/colored thick line around the character)
  • Cutout 1 color

+10€ Look at my gallery and link me reference of the style

  • Night Sky
  • Falling Snow
  • Smoke
  • Clouds
  • custom


Nod What I will draw:
  • OCs
  • non-pony/creature OCs
  • 1 character per image
  • 1 creature companion per image (will cost extra)
  • Props (will cost extra if detailed)
  • Mild blood will be drawn upon request.

:( (Sad) I won't draw the following:
  • Nudity, sexual, gore, extreme violence or any other type of adult content.
  • Detailed backgrounds.
  • I don't design outfits/characters.
  • No humans! This commission type is for pony/creatures only!

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Orange How to Commission:Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow 

Please fill these when you commission me:

Your Paypal email:
Image Type & Paintig Style: (example: sketchy, stylized headshot)
Character's expression: (example: smiling, not looking at camera)
Links to reference images: (Image reference needed!)
Extra: (example: her horn and eyes are glowing faintly, open big wings)
Background: Transparent cutout
(♡ Bigger Image Size: Fill only if you want bigger than basic, will cost extra)

1. SEND ME EMAIL at tia . falck @ yahoo . com. (remove spaces)
2. Wait for my reply, can take up to 2 days. I will reply to everyone. I will give you full price which depends on your request.
3. If I accept your commission I will send you an invoice via Paypal.
If I don't hear from you for 3 days and/or no payment for 3 days (OR within the time you stated) I will take that you are no longer interested and cancel the commission. Please inform me if you want to cancel the commission yourself, it is perfectly fine, but no communication leaves a very bad taste...
4. After Payment I will send you sketch of the work.
5. After you are happy with the sketch I will start to color and paint.
6. Finishing the piece:
FOR Sketchy Artstyle: I'll send you the finished piece, you can request changes to it (not major). Up to 2 changes per piece.
FOR Full Render Artstyle: I will send a progress shot midway before I finish. You can request changes in this stage. After accepting it I will polish and finish the piece. Very minor changes can be done in the finished one.
7. Done! Thank you for commissioning me! :>


Artist | Student | Digital Art
Currently interning for ROVIO. :) For more activeness, please visit my Tumblr.



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